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Nigerian king of Dance hall makes his South African debut

Carob Magazine hooks up with Nigerian dance hall artist and talented vocalist Skinny Ryddim to learn more about his music and his plans to release an album in South Africa.

By Ntsako Mbhokota

It's a cold winter morning in Newtown Johannesburg, Carob is meeting Onanefe Andrew who is popularly known as Skinny Ryddim, a Nigerian dance hall artist with smooth sweet captivating sounds that landed him on our Jo’burg shores a few months ago.

We sit down for coffee as I get to know this force. I'm already a big fan after listening to his single "Julee" In this song Skinny Ryddim proves himself to be a great songwriter, a talented vocalist and one of the greatest musicians to emerge from the west of Africa.

I'm excited for him and his new album due to be released in the next few months.

Born in the Delta, skinny Ryddim is a grounded musician who takes his talent seriously. "Music is a calling, there's no running away from it."

Even though he is a truly gifted musician Skinny Ryddim didn't think music was something to pursue while growing up. It was his brother Benny Palatti who inspired and motivated him to pursue a career in the music industry.

In 2010 Skinny released his first ever single titled 'Higher' with a band he had formed back in Nigeria called Cronk Mcs. 

We take a walk down Gwigwi Mrwebi street and continue to talk some more. He's a ball of greatness no doubt. There's no denying that Skinny's upcoming album is due to shake things up in the South African Dance hall industry.

I ask him about his love life.

'I'm sure you can't wait till all these girls are all over you?'

Skinny- I honestly think it's better to find love before fame because it takes a very special person to notice you when you still have nothing. Everybody comes as soon as you have everything." He says.

He's been recording with the company that recently signed him. Volcano Records under Ark house Productions. 

We're soon joined by his management, Turas and his partner Mandy Mpungose.

"We have an ear and an eye for specific talent that has that X factor. No doubt Skinny is destined for greatness, we're very excited about the launch of his album which is coming up soon"
Says his manager Turas.

If you love to dance and appreciate good music, you'll love Skinny Ryddim and what his new album promises to offer. In the album, he has featured talented vocalists Ndu’ and Danya of Blaq Diamond 150.

I also ask him what keeps him strong as an artist as a person.

"God is my pillar, I am a true believer in the power of God." Says Skinny.


My advice to any new young artists. Keep doing what you love, keep pushing and remember to do your best and God will meet you halfway. Man propose, God Expose! Peace...