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Volcano Records turning up the heat in the South African Music Industry. 'Dab to the System'.

South Africa was never ready! !! Here comes a record label that's going to change the game, forever. Volcano Records Is a 360 talent management company that has the finest producers and Artists from all over Africa.  Carob Magazine talks to the creators of popular new single "Dab to the System" from the Volcano stable.

It's a cool day in Jozi, just arrived in Randburg ... I can feel the energy of the talent that houses Volcano Records as I walk through the door. I'm here for an interview with the creators of the latest hottest single, 'Dab to the system'. Mucciiknow, SkinnyRhythm and ThisIsMunni.

Once inside, I'm met by Volcano Records COO, Caroline and partner, CEO of Volcano Records Obi Philips.
At the bottom of the two storey building is a fully functional office with a boardroom, a big studio, control room, 2 x big kitchens and a chill area.

In five minutes, the trio arrives, they take me into studio with them and they pblay me their hit single 'Dab to the System' and tracks from their upcoming albums.

Though the three artists are very different, they are able to collaborate well with one another well. 

"I met Mucciiknow in a high school battle, first time I heard him, his rhymes made an impact on me. And knew from day one that we would work together.
Says ThisIsMunni.

One thing that differentiates Volcano Records from any other South African Record label is their versatility. They have the best artists and producers from all over Africa.  Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Tanzania and the UK.

I also got the chance to meet their resident producers, Knife beats and Reagan beats.

"This is the year that South Africa and the rest of Africa will know about Volcano, we're here to revoluti

onize the industry, and they will feel the heat.  ..." -Says SkinnyRhythm.

They play a tune I just can't stop dancing to, it’s called 'Habiba'. It’s a love song by Mucciiknow.  Suddenly, it takes me to my own love land and I all I can say is, watch the space. ..Volcano Records has just landed!

Link to 'Dab to the System'


The recording artist grew up in a loving family and his love for music was apparent from a very young age when he used to mimic Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston songs.
Inspired by his older brother, popular South African Hip Hop artist Jay Stash, ThisIsMunni is quickly climbing up the ranks in the Music industry.

He is featured on Nyaope Boyz compilation mixtape, Jay Stash's Godly Views Mixtape, and MucciIknow's IllVille Remix. Since then he has been actively working with KNIFEBEATZ and PGTheAwesome aswell as MucciIknow.

ThisIsMunni is also featured on MucciIknow's indie single Magenge which generated 15000 downloads and his own Work in Progress indie single alongside PGTheAwesome which had about 13000 downloads.
His album is due to be released in June this year. 



He's a gifted vocalist and versatile Urban artist.

Born in Soweto and raised in Ennerdale, Mucciiknow (Pronounced Moo-chi-I-know) is more than just a great musician with a beautiful voice. He's an upcoming game changer in the industry.

Mucciiknow is destined for greatness, no doubt about that. .. He's the new king of the South African Urban music.

He has worked with the likes of Hashone, Smashis,Manpikin (Nigerian artist), Eindo and has recently released a well received single featuring SkinnyRhythm and Munni called "Dab to the system"

 A lot of his fans are anticipating the release of his album in June this year.


Born in Delta State Nigeria, SkinnyRhythm is a grounded musician who takes his talent seriously. "Music is a calling, there's no running away from it."reckons the king of Danchall music.

Even though he is a truly gifted musician SkinnyRhythm didn't think music was something to pursue while growing up. It was his brother Benny Palatti who inspired and motivated him to pursue a career in the music industry.

He's finished recording with the company that recently signed him. Volcano Records.

"We have an ear and an eye for specific talent that has that X factor. No doubt Skinny is a gem, we're very excited about the launch of his album which is coming up soon" -His management.

If you love to dance and appreciate good music, you'll love SkinnyRhythm and what his new album promises to offer. In the album, he has featured talented vocalists Ndu’ and Danya of Blaq Diamond 150.