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Africa is open for business

Africa is the wealthiest continent in the world but continues to be exploited due to corruption and divide.  Imagine an Africa that is independent. Imagine if we had our own currency, traded with one another . Imagine a united Africa that manufacturers it's own goods.  That Africa is possible.  Carob Magazine reviews Victor Kgomoeswana's book Africa is open for business.

I first met the author of 'Africa is Open for business ' Victor Kgomoeswana at a business event. And his optimism in Africa as a continent remains  unquestionable.

It is best seen in his brilliant work in the book ’Africa is open for business'. The book is a collection of 50 essays from Victor’s experience over the years of doing work as a business show host for radio stations such 702, Kaya FM; doing interviews with news powerhouses like CNBC & CNN. As well as information gained from his Business developer position at PPC a local cement company which has expanded to several countries across the continent.

The book breaks down the elephantine task of understanding the Pan African business market, & breaks it down into bite-sized chunks.  "If you want to sell a commodity to a market that appears to not have any interest or need at first sight think of two sales reps that were offering shoes in a country where everyone went barefoot. One went home saying these people don’t wear shoes there will be no sales.

The other sent back to headquarters and ordered thousands more pairs of shoes saying, nobody here wears shoes, let’s teach them how to."  Extract from Africa is open for business.


Basically what Victor Kgomoeswana is trying to say is that attitude is everything in business and as a business person you ought to find inspiration from solving problems, coming up with solutions instead of being seeing the negative in situations. "In Africa regardless of poor roads, lack of banking services, absence of decent shopping malls, unreliable electricity supply – every backlog is an opportunity for those optimistic enough to look where and how you can solve a problem" Africa is open for business.


In the book Victor Kgomoeswana goes to state that... If we insist on doing business the way it has been done in the past, Africa is not for us. Those who have cut corners before are paying the price now, and those still refusing to share the benefits of their enterprise will pay the price tomorrow., he encourages clean business and Cooperation in order to survive. It is time for the continent to tell its story to the world,  and this book validates and amplifies the message that Is slowly but increasingly finding resonance with the international community that Africa is indeed open for business" -Maite Nkoana Mashabane, minister of international Relations and Cooperation. "


 "Very uplifting read this is. The author says upfront that he's an Afro-optimist and it shows in his 50 essays here. He's also traveled to pretty much every country on the continent and so his views are from first hand experiences. Africa is open for business but the way most of the leaders act is not conducive to attract outside investment; the story of my generation. Really good read though." - Gerald Zengeya. Carob is very optimistic about Africa and its independence.