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Stereo takes the South African music Industry by storm.

Carob sits down with one of the finest musicians to emerge from Nigeria, Woza hit maker and founder of King's Empire records, Stereo.

By Ntsako Mbhokota.

He walks into Volcano Records looking dapper as he does on his pictures and videos. Popularly known as Stereo, the bold and outspoken Brainnascent Ogbadio was born in Cross River State Nigeria, he moved to Lagos in his late teens to pursue a career in the music business. "Whatever I want, I always go for it."- Stereo.

Currently he is based in South Africa and has just released his hit single; Woza produced by Lunatic from Ambitious Records.

"Music has always been inside me, I was the guy who constantly sang in the shower, in the kitchen, in the car, everywhere up until my friend Obanne challenged me to go into studio and record my music. I recorded two songs, titled 'It’s a party and Mandelaz" although I never released them to the public the feedback was quite positive.” Says Stereo.


Stereo's music is a fusion of Afro and dancehall. "Woza talks about the Lifestyle of a man and a woman today. For example you can’t keep a woman nowadays if you don't have money. Girls have a lot of needs, work hard, make your money, appreciate and spoil your woman... That’s what the song is about. "Says Stereo.

He makes me listen two of his new songs, they sound amazing. I ask what inspires him to create such beautiful music.

"There is no motivation greater than love; I don’t think men would be so great if there were not motivated by the women in their lives. I'm also inspired by my fans and my environment.” –Stereo

Keeping it real…

His sound is very unique, real and distinct, how does he keep it real? I ask.

“I have a slogan; my slogan is ‘Stay real till you make it.’ Stay real and original. I don’t believe in trying to sound like anyone else, every artist has their own sound and I like to keep my original" Says Stereo.

Stereo has done well for himself, he has dedicated himself to not only making great music but running his own successful record label, King’s empire Records.


“I am grateful for the support from my fans, my girlfriend Shasha, my brothers, DJ Show and last but not least Obanne my friend who has been there throughout my music journey. Some artists that I’d like to collaborate with in the future include Burna Boy, Stereo and Drake...” - Stereo.


“To all young musicians…Keep pushing; never give up on your dream, the ones who give up never make it. Never be shy to showcase your talent, last but not least, Stay positive and focused at all costs, no matter what." -Stereo.