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Pdubb rocks the UK with his latest single - GYA ME NKO...

We all know that the finest music comes from Africa, and in this case good looks too.  Carob Magazine catches up with Nigerian born artist who's based in the UK Pdubb. We chat to him about his music, his hit single GYA ME NKO and what keeps him inspired.

CAROB: Tell Carob Magazine about yourself, who are you?  Where were you born and how was it like growing up?

Pdubb: I go by the name of PDubb, I was born and raised in Nigeria and have been based in the UK for the past 12yrs. It was exciting growing up as a kid in Nigeria. I attended a boarding school in which for me was an eye opener to the realities of life.

CAROB: When did your love for music start showing? (Background of your musical journey)

Pdubb: When it comes to music, the love has always been there from day one, my late uncle (RIP) owned a musical band and as a kid growing up in that environment my love for music grew even stronger.

CAROB:What current projects are you working on right now?


Pdubb: At the moment I’m currently working on my E.P, as I’ve just released my second single GYA ME NKO.

CAROB: How would you describe your sound?

Pdubb: For me it’s all about versatility, I will say my style is more of an afrocarribean mix.

See Music video for Gya Me Nko Below.

CAROB: Which artists would you like to collaborate with internationally?

Pdubb: Internationally, working with the likes of Drake, Rihanna or Rick Ross would be more than a privilege.

CAROB: What keeps you inspired? Pdubb:

Pdubb: The inspiration I have, I see and acknowledge is from the almighty God and so long as I'm breathing, I will forever be inspired by his works.

CAROB: What words of motivation can you share with our readers to keep them motivated and inspired?

Pdubb: I say it like this... Achievement and progress starts from self believe. So no one can tell you how it’s impossible to do what you have programmed your mind to do. People often say sky is the limit but I say aim beyond the sky, to achieve this, I put GOD FIRST.