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When women stand up, change happens

On business this season Carob looks at the role that women are playing to empower the youth of South Africa. We spend a day with the NomaGigaba Foundation team to learn more about the foundation and what it does and how it aims to change the face of education in South Africa.

It's a warm and sunny beautiful day in Durban we've just landed in King Shaka International airport from Johannesburg and rushing to a meeting with the board members of the NG foundation.

Led by the Norma Gigaba the NG foundation is a non-profit organisation which aims to deliver, provide, promote and empower the youth of South Africa through IT (Information Technology)

"Women are capable of transforming the world, it has been proven over and over again and today is one such day that I can proudly say I have taken it upon myself to do my part.’-Noma Gigaba

 “For many generations, women have upheld their communities and sustained large organizations, personally I believe in the model ‘When women stand up together, change happens.’ And that is why this organization is 100% women led.” Explains the founder and chairperson of the foundation Norma Gigaba. 


 In 1956 women of South Africa united and marched to the union buildings to bring about change in the country and today we know it as National Women’s day, it is important decisions like these that eventually change the world that we live in and the NG Foundation is taking giant steps to change the lives of young people in rural communities. 

We sat down with their board members and asked what inspired this beautiful initiative.

“We want to build a better country, we are working with private and public sectors to help us achieve our goal. What's stopping us from building a better South Africa? It is our duty to heal and transform our communities and to bring about change.” Says Zandi Mfeka who is an executive board member of the foundation.

The women at the forefront of this foundation are all reputable women in their respective fields and they seem to be ready to change South Africa.

“There’s so much that will happen this year, we are raising money to do a big career expo sometime in September and at least handover 3 computer labs to different schools in rural areas.” Says Melody Molale.

“We are passionate about development and want to see to it that the children that we invest in are empowered and are able to impact their communities positively at a later stage in their lives.” Adds Noma Gigaba. 

The Noma Gigaba Foundation also provides bursaries to deserving youths from previously disadvantaged communities across South Africa.

It is important for NGOs to team up different sectors to assist where help is needed the most. The NG Foundation aims to bring about change in South Africa and hopefully transform the face of our country forever. This is the kind of change we have been anticipating in South Africa for a long time because of the challenges that the country has faced in the past and continue to face even today due to a lack of opportunities to advance education and employment for the youth.

Meet the Executive board members