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Give me some o' my tea!

Just last week she shared the stage with the legendary Selaelo Selota and up and coming sensation and Amanda Black. What is it about Noma G that's got people raving so much? Find out for yourself...

It's a beautiful day in Maboneng, Carob is meeting up with the lady that's currently making waves in the Industry with her unique music. Carob Magazine chats to NomaG.


CAROB MAGAZINE: Tell Carob Magazine about yourself, who are you?  Where were you born and how was it like growing up?

NomaG, she is a creative, the one that believes anything she does turns to gold. An individual that doesn't follow the "status quo" a 34 yr old woman that believes in the power she possesses as a human being, an artist, singer song writer. A lover, care giver, who is grounded and humble. Born in Alexandra Township, spent my latter days growing up in Vosloorus. Growing up for me was a bliss, my parents did their best for my siblings and I. Big ups to my dad for providing for us and working hard for our well being and big shout out to my mom for holding it down for my family and being a great mother. 

CAROB MAGAZINE: When did your love for music start showing?  (Background of your musical journey)

  NomaG: Wow that, I can go as far as I can remember. It must be when I was about the age 4 when I would go visit a church (next yard from us) everyday, because the Pastor's child used to play the piano. I remember I would also tag along every time my brother and cousins would go to their choir practice, this was around the "Barorisi Bamorena" era, I would attend choral competitions with them (those were big in Alex during those times). For me that was enough evidence that music was just more than an interest. Then the interest grew from that to family performances during dinner or gatherings (which landed me the name Whitney Houston of the family). From that to youth choir leader, church worship leader, secessionist, backing vocalist and here I am.

Carob Magazine: What current projects are you working on right now?

NomaG: I am working on my own NomaG project, called Sum O ma Tea. An album full of great/world/highlife music. My voice is one element that comes out strong and as it is my strength, we did not shy away from that when we were creating the music. I can't be the only one drinking from this pot,   Am inviting the world to sit with me and share 'Sum O ma Tea' with me. 

CAROB MAGAZINE:  Describe your sound?

NomaG: My sound is distinct, it's a cocktail of African elements, a touch of R&B, a seasoning of Jazz, and of course a bucket full of soul, let me sum it up for you. Highlife World Music Soulful sound. 

CAROB MAGAZINE: Which artists would you like to collaborate with internationally?

NomaG. My list is not long; I live my life in episodes so for the first episode of collaborations it would have to be my inspiration Miss Eryka Badu.

CAROB MAGAZINE. What keeps you inspired?

NomaG: The breath in me. For as long as there is life in me, there is still hope, there are possibilities, things can still happen, my breathing for me means that I must still continue, my purpose is not fulfilled yet. 

CAROB MAGAZINE: What words of motivation can you share with our readers to keep them motivated and inspired?

 Trust in your God given gift. It is not in vein that you have a talent unique to you; find your passion then u will know your purpose. U will never know the amount of power u possess until u use it. It’s possible, just do it! 

Please give credit to the following people that made me look good. I support local. 

Makeup by Phumzile@Inglot Eastgate
Dressed by Zinzi@Ori Couture
Leather accessories by Themba