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Matlombe lounge brings back the vibe in Newtown

It's a Saturday afternoon, the city is buzzing with the kind of energy I haven't experienced in a while.
Everywhere you look, artists,  Hippies, musicians, Jo'burg fun lovers everywhere... What's happening? Matlombe lounge launches vegan restaurant. Carob attends the launch.

Newtown is alive once again,  thanks to the launch of a new Upmarket Vegan restaurant 'Matlombe Lounge'

They serve some of the freshest food and juice you can find in the city. The restaurant is situated opposite Mary Fitzgerald square where it used to be Khaldi's Cafe.

Matlombe Lounge is ideal if you're looking for a spot where you can have breakfast meetings or if you want to impress someone who is new in the city.  You can enjoy fresh food and later listen to live music. Their amazing staff also makes it one of the nicest places to chill in Johannesburg.

Ever since I can remember, I have always been in love with freshly squeezed juice, Avocados, sweet potatoes, chic peas, hearty whole grains, pasta, muffins, smoothies and more. All these foods are easily or naturally vegan. And seriously guys, anything and everything should be vegan nowadays, the vegan versions of foods are delicious! Dairy-free ice creams are delicious. Coconut and cashew based ice creams are dreamy! Vegan cheeses have gone gourmet and amazing!!! Matlombe lounge is a dream come true for vegans and anyone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle.

Quick snacks

There is a variety of  vegan meals and snacks to choose from, depending on your preference. If you work around the city and want to try out something new, I recommend you visit Matlombe for a quick bite, you won't regret it.


 If you're a coffee lover, you will definitely have a nice time at Matlombe.

The launch was packed with the cool people of Jozi, on the decks it was DJ Motshenyi, some of the artists who were performing at the launch were: Bongo Riot, Skinny Gibbz, Bheki Khoza,  Bobotikal

 Here are some of the photos from the launch.