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Luxuries of Africa revealed!!!

Africa is rich!  Rich full of luxuries, from Jewellery, clothing, shoes, furniture etc, On Carob Magazine this month, we check out some of Africa's favorite luxury designers, brands  and fashion influence-rs.


Wamuhu Waweru

Kenyean born owner of Primitive Modern Arts (PriMo Arts) located in Los Angeles, CA. Wamuhu's vision for her gallery is to to help create and maintain a platform where the awe-inspiring expression of culture is shared, preserved and enjoyed through different mediums of art and entertainment.  Wamuhu is a designer, stylist and event producer. It is her love for people and cultures from around the globe that spawned her feverish interest in wanting to use the arts as an avenue to showcase the immense beauty and diversity the world has to offer.

Wamuhu was raised in Nairobi Kenya by a single mother and grandmother with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. It is these strong women influences in her life that Wamuhucredits as the driving force that molded her ‘can do’ attitude, perseverance and sense of adventure.


Moyo By BiBi Luxury jewelry

MOYO BY BiBi was founded by Bibi. The brand is Inspired by the Maasai, Samburu tribes, Kenyan culture and tradition. “MOYO” which means “heart” in Kiswahili the main language spoken in Kenya. All accessories have been handcrafted by native Kenyan men and women at the village using traditional methods, making sure they have put effort in every little detail to give you a true statement piece, and long lasting accessories.


MOYO BY BiBi accessories are unique, versatile and vibrant. One of the reasons why MOYO BY BiBi accessories are so unique is because men and women can wear, each piece has a story to it. Using a range of materials such as real leather, masai beads, pipe beads and glass crystals. The art of the bead work is out of this world. 

"Be bold and vibrant with African inspired jewellery"

South Africa


“Mantsho” is a Sesotho namemeaning, black beauty

established by Palesa Mokubung in 2004.
 Born in Kroonstad in the Free State, Palesa Mokubung has been a designer since she can remember, as a result she studied clothing production at Vanderbijlpark Technical College.

When she finished her studies she started working in the Stoned Cherrie design studio, eventually becoming the company’s top designer but after three years she decided to spread her wings.

In 2004, as a solo designer, she entered the South African Fashion Week and her designs created hype in the fashion industry, giving her the opportunity to participate in various shows around the world.

Trevor Stuurman


One can say that Trevor is a small town boy working towards his big city dreams. Born and raised in Kimberley – Also known as the diamond city, he sees Cape Town as a “massive runway” with beautiful people and eclectic fashions. This is why he choose the city to study post high school. 

“I communicate best in color and pictures. Through my photography and blog I always try and remain as authentic as possible. I always to keep Stuurman Style Diary as proudly local as possible with content focused on the African Swag. The focal point of my blog is street style fashion; however, it covers many other fashion related materials such as show reviews, conceptual shoots and odd trend identification.”-Trevor.


Adama Paris

 Adama Amanda Ndiaye, the designer and entrepreneur behind the brand Adama Paris. She recently showed her collection at the groundbreaking Dakar Fashion Week. Adama lives between Dakar, Los Angeles and Paris.

Born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, of Senegalese parents, she made her home in several international cities. This gave her a world view and a cosmopolitan edge to her designs.

She has also showed at Black Fashion Week Prague; Paris; Montreal; Salvador de Bahia, Brazil; and the Afrika Fashion Awards. Her clothes are sold worldwide. AfkInsider got a chance to chat with her while she was in Paris.