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Liqhwa releases his debut album

It's a quiet Friday afternoon,  Carob Magazine is in Melrose Arch at the African Pride hotel with the crew waiting for one of finest hip hop artist to emerge from the Vaal.

They say that Micheal Jackson  in real life was the complete opposite of himself on stage. He was shy and down to earth. Same goes for this brilliant young artist who's just joined me for an interview.

His Name is Liqhwa and his music is making waves in Jozi.  We're soon joined by his manager founder of Moledi and Generation Records Mawilies.   

"Give me a mic and put me on stage, my  personality comes out.  The Mrapper from Evaton Township comes to life! !!, I love expressing myself through my music. .. "Says Liqhwa.  

CAROB MAGAZINE:What do you write about in your songs?

LIQHWA: I write about the things that have happened in my life and my hustle, like my single Heita Hola, it is about my life and how I get up everyday and go hustle from the Township to the city.

See Video clip.

CAROB MAGAZINE: Why the name Liqhwa? 

LIQHWA: Liqhwa is my nickname from a long time ago when I was still a kid. I never liked to wear Jersey even when it was cold, so my friends started calling me Liqhwa which means "Snow".

CAROB MAGAZINE: How was it like growing up ?

LIQHWA: It was nice but also difficult because my mother and father separated when I was a child.  I was raised by a my single mom., love her to death. .. that's my queen. ..

CAROB: Congratulations on wining Jozi FM Hip Hop slam, how does it feel like to see people receiving your music so well?  

LIQHWA: It feels amazing. .. I feel like this is what I've been waiting for my whole life.

CAROB MAGAZINE: What do you want to achieve with your album in the Hip Hop Industry this year?

LIQHWA: It would be nice to win an award hey, to be recognized and honored will definitely cement my space in the South  African Hip Hop Industry as one of the best Newcomers.

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