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Reaching for the stars -Lethabo Mashita

Carob magazine catches up with the gorgeous Miss Commonwealth teen contestant Lethabo Mashita.

CAROB MAGAZINE: Who’s Lethabo Mashita in your own words?

Lethabo: Lethabo Mashita is a young strong and ambitious young lady who is on a mission to make a difference in other people’s lives.


CAROB MAGAZINE : Have you always wanted to be a model?

Lethabo:  Yes I have, from a young age I have always wanted to be a model, I want to be able to be driven and passionate about my field of work such as one of my inspiration Kendall Jenner,as she promotes self-love which every single person needs in their life.


CAROB MAGAZINE: What would winning Miss Teen Commonwealth mean to you?

Lethabo: Winning Miss Teen Commonwealth would be a dream come true for me, as I have always wanted to be in a competition that allows for both beauty and the brains. It would be one an honour to win a completion of such a high caliber as it has allowed me to be able to overcome one of my biggest fears, which is public speaking, and this competition has given me that platform to be able to overcome one of my fears. It would mean a lot to mean as well as I will be able to help my community and uplift them as it is one my passions to make a difference in other people’s lives.


CAROB MAGAZINE : As a young model which African model inspires you?

Lethabo: Candice Swanepoel, she is my inspiration as she has proven that no matter your circumstances one can be successful and be one of the greatest in their career.


CAROB MAGAZINE: What are your thoughts on the current state of fashion globally?  What is trending?

Lethabo: The current state of fashion is the theme of going for comfortably but yet chic, being able to look stylish is outfits that are not over the top.  The trends at the moment are one of my favorite street styles.


CAROB MAGAZINE: What is your daily inspiration?

Lethabo: My daily inspiration is to work hard in silence and let your success be the noise.


CAROB MAGAZINE: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Lethabo: In 5 years from now I see myself as young entrepreneur who will own her own patisserie. I would have my degrees in graphic, fashion and interior design. I would be living a happy life and making a positive impact in other people’s life.


CAROB MAGAZINE: What would you like to share with our readers about following one’s dream?

Lethabo: When you're doing what truly makes you happy inside, you just won't care about what anybody else says. It won't matter. You don’t have to be arrogant, but you have to be confident.