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Embrace your own beauty!

How many young African women grow up thinking that they are not enough because they don't fit the stereotype of beauty? What does it take to realize your own unique beauty and celebrate it?

On this beautiful edition, Carob Magazine talks to one of Africa's trending faces at the moment, Kgothi Iman, "The model with a mark." We talk to her about discovering her own beauty and following her modelling dream as challenging as it was and her rise to the top.


CAROB MAGAZINE: Who is Kgothi Iman In your own words? 

KGOTHI IMAN: Kgothi Iman is a young, ambitious, inspirational woman who was born in Mahikeng but appealing to the world. Trying to make her mark...                                                   

CAROB MAGAZINE: Where were you born?  How was it like growing up?

KGOTHI IMAN: I was born in a small village called Magogoe. Growing up was tough. I was often ridiculed. I was an introvert as a result of the things I was experiencing. Although I experienced all of this, life at home was amazing. I felt like a princess. Like any normal girl should feel.          

CAROB MAGAZINE: You have a very beautiful face, your mark makes you unforgettable, has it always been like that, have you always embraced your birthmark?

KGOTHI IMAN: Thank you! Yes it has always been like that, you would always distinguish me from the rest. No, I have always tried to hide it with a lot of make-up. I started embracing my birthmark once I realized I cannot succumb to people's notion of beauty.  

CAROB MAGAZINE: Have you always wanted to model? Who inspired you to do modelling and what were some of the challenges you encountered in your journey?

KGOTHI IMAN: Yes I've always wanted to model. A gay friend of mine encouraged me to do modeling at the age of 15. The challenges were I would have to cover my birthmark to appeal to the clients but I would still be rejected after being booked once they realize that I have a birthmark underneath the make-up. The challenges lessened after Winnie Harlow.  

CAROB MAGAZINE: What is it like to be signed with one of SA's most reputable modelling agencies Ice Models? 

KGOTHI IMAN: It's amazing, Ice Models family is practically like my second home not only our booking agents show love but the models as well.     

CAROB MAGAZINE:  Your mark is what makes you beautiful and different from the next model, does having something unique about yourself give you a competitive advantage in the modelling Industry? 

It's relative, there are days where my mark puts me in a competitive advantage and there are days where they wouldn't book me because they feel the audience would focus more on how I look than the clients product.                  

CAROB MAGAZINE: Name a few designers and creatives that you have worked with since coming into the modelling Industry and those you'd still love to work with in Africa.

: Gert Johan Coetzee, Lajawi, Nandi Madida and Inga, just to name a few. I would love to work with David Tlale, Dura Olowu and Kofi Anash. 

CAROB MAGAZINE: Who inspires you and why? 
KGOTHI IMAN: Winnie Harlow, she has embraced her look and made the world realize beauty starts from within and one does not need to have a fair skin or be one color to be beautiful, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.              

CAROB MAGAZINE: What are your thoughts on beauty and fashion Internationally at the moment? What are the biggest trends?  

KGOTHI IMAN: Beauty internationally I feel they embraced uniqueness so much, dark skinned are everything and beautiful, I would say the latest fashion trends are body suits and Jean to jeans are the In thing to wear at the moment, everything that used to be fashion in the 1960's 1970's is back but with a little bit of modern or 21' century vibe.        

CAROB MAGAZINE:  A Carob woman is a woman who is beautiful, confident and is out to get what she wants from life. What advice or words of motivation can you give to our readers who want to see themselves excelling in their careers and chosen paths? 

: Firstly be yourself, surround yourself with people who are like minded and motivate you to be at a better place, work smart and not hard, work at every opportunity you come across one never knows their big break through.