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Exploring Uganda's fashion capital, Kampala

On Carob, we are always inspired by young business people who take it upon themselves to transform their lives through their creativity. On this edition, Carob profiles a young Ugandan designer, entrepreneur and model Jim Andy, here's his interview.

Carob Magazine: Who is Jim Andy?

Jim: Jim Andy is a rising model, entrepreneur, a fashion designer but mainly working with the African fabric. I am passionate about modeling and fashion in general.

Carob: Where do you come from, family background and upbringing? 

Jim: I was born in the northern part of Uganada in a town called Adjumani. I grew up in the central part of Uganda Kampala. I come from a very humble family of 6 children, 2 beautiful girls and 4 handsome boys and I happen to be the first born. My parents were bot Christians in the seventh day Adventist church but in 2005 my father passed on (R.I.P DAD) and my mummy took over from where he ended till now. It's not easy for a single mother to raise 6 children on her own but am grateful and proud of my mother for being one of the strongest women in the world.

Carob: Have you always had a flair for fashion ever since you were young?

Jim: Honestly yes .I have this undying love for fashion and anything to do with creativity I remember being very selective on what to wear ever since I was a little kid …I think it runs in the blood because my grandfather was a fashion designer as well.

Carob:your bags are totally beautiful, what material do you use to make them?

Jim: For the bags I use different materials depending on the customer’s choice. I use the normal beads, wooden shaped beads, and the plastic beads. When you take a closer look at the bag it also has an input which is made out of a hard material used for making bags.

Carob: You also make clothes, why African print as compared to other fabrics?


Jim: As an African child I have to be proud of my culture plus African prints are more in demand today because of the growing market.

Carob: What is the fashion market like in Uganda?

Jim: To me the fashion market is good for only the well known designers. People are selective when it comes to choosing the fashion designers here in Uganda.” they always look for the known designers. Leaving out the upcoming ones which makes the fashion market unwelcoming to the beginners like us.

Carob: What is your dream for your business?

Jim: Well I am still working hard to be somewhere. I realized I wanted to be a model and a fashion designer when I was a little boy I just didn't think I would get platform to be recognized or appreciated so soon.

I want to have a big workshop, showcase my work worldwide and inspire the youth in this industry.  

Carob: Which international brands would you like to work with? 

Jim: Wow there are a lot of international brands I would love to work with, Abigail keats a south African fashion designer, Lana marks, victor stiebel, Stella Nankya and Ntsako Mbhokota the founder of House of Isis Media.

Carob: What can you share with our readers regarding following one's dreams?

Jim: When a child is born, his or her parents make choices for them, only 10% of the choices they make for you happen to be right because they don’t know what your dreams are.  Number 1... You must realize your dream...

Number 2... Dreams don’t just come true without you working hard. I encourage anyone reading this to work hard towards their dreams and make use of the opportunities that come their way because you never know what it will give you in return.