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Bridging the gap between US and SA through fashion

On fashion this women's month, we chat to US based creative director and style guru Jowhari Trahan, she talks to us about bridging the gap between USA and South Africa through fashion. She has worked with many talented local designers in SA. Enjoy some of her work fetaured on this edition.

CAROB MAGAZINE: Who is Jowhari Trahan?
JOWHARI TRAHAN: She is a mother of three, shoe designer, international business brander, artistic director and aspiring photographer, I'm everyone's friend (most times) everyone's sister always, I'm compassionate about art and expression, but even more compassionate about how important it is that we use our strengths to inspire and empower the world we live in.

CAROB MAGAZINE: How would you describe your style?
JOWHARI TRAHAN: Bold, Crazy, Sexy and Cool

Dowtown Johannesburg shoot

CAROB MAGAZINE: Tell Carob Magazine what your job description is as an artistic director?

JOWHARI TRAHAN: I am the creative Guru, concepts are created by me in the workshop ( My head), I sit with the team I'm working with on the specific project and give them a brief overview of who the client is, if there's a specific purpose of the shoot and a brief example of the concept ( as I'm able to explain it), style scheme, location and style of photography and budget. I work with amazing groups of industry professionals in both the US and SA! we all think outside the box as it relates to visual content and creativity. This is sooooo NOT a job but our opportunities to create and share our collective work with the world. I smile sometimes when I realize how beautiful all of the jumbled thoughts in my head are and how they are communicated! (laugh out loud)

CAROB MAGAZINE: How would you describe the South African fashion scene and what makes it a favorite country to work with?

JOWHARI TRAHAN: Yooooooo!!!! I personally feel like South Africa is on the cusp of an art renaissance, everything there is amazing! from fashion trends to art galleries and literary movements and Poetry festivals, South Africa recharges me! between Feb 2015 and feb 2016 I've been to South Africa three times!

CAROB MAGAZINE: What inspires your work?

JOWHARI TRAHAN: I'm inspired by everything and everybody! seeing the beauty in the world should be shared. So many times we see things as unbalanced or incomplete but if we step out of our way and lend ourselves to others and therefore we are lending ourselves to the world we can potentially be the balance that's needed. even if its just for a moment! I've learned to appreciate every good feeling I can relate too, appreciate every uncomfortable moment, and strive to move on and be thankful.

CAROB MAGAZINE: Please name a few South African designers , photographers and models that you have worked with.
JOWHARI TRAHAN: We've worked with designer Fort Joko from Kimberly in March. We met in Johannesburg in the CBD, 4 photographers total and we came together to create. This was the first time I worked with them and we were great!
Matete Motsoaledi
Paul Punde
Boitumelo Rametsi
U-Lwazi Mbatha
Pearl Ntuli MUA/Model
Grace Kgaogelo Lekalakala
Jasmine Brown

CAROB MAGAZINE : How are you able to juggle motherhood and career successfully? Can you share your tips with our readers.

JOWHARI TRAHAN : Wow, I don't know exactly how I do it!!!  I think, we just do it! I always consider my children in all that I do, sometimes hey will be on set with me or even the muse. I'm a single parent of three,

CAROB MAGAZINE : What words do you live by and what keeps you motivated as an artist and business woman?
JOWHARI TRAHAN:  Art is life! I can love and lead and encourage being a self starter with,  emphasis on individualism and self love and staying focused on goals ( even if they change by the week) celebrate the victories ( buy yourself a scoop of ice cream) or something honor other peoples space and always give thanks. By doing this at home I'm able to have a balance with home life and there's understanding when I'm on travel for 4-6 weeks from my children. I'm at this point in my life where, this is absolute! I have to do this "creative" thing in all capacities and I have to see and meet and network and work with people from places I've never considered visiting and I have to be easy and thankful for all opportunities. The key thing for me is to move and operate with intention and reciprocate good things, good feelings.... And be happy!
My intention was to bridge the gap between the US South Africa and abroad through art, fashion, music, literature and business. I just didn't know I'd walk the bridge too! So everyday, I strive to meet new people and expand the network while we all grow as people and artists. This whole world needs to get a load of all of us

CAROB MAGAZINE: Which other African countries would you like to work in and why?
JOWHARI TRAHAN: I want to go to all of them! ideally, Mozambique, Ghana, Algeria, Tanzania and Cameroon
Those are the places I dream about, Those are the places I dream about, when I research I get excited at the possibilities. I have a bit of a network in Ghana as well, how my paths are directed I'll follow.

LAST WORDS... Support the movements of youth and indie artists for they are the texture of the world.  I have an amazing network there and it's growing fast! I'm excited to add carob to my friends list I'm excited to create and keep at it!