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Transforming South Africa -The Gigabyte Foundation

Carob Magazine spends a day with the Gigabytes at their home talking about building a sustainable South Africa through the Gigabyte Foundation, family and leadership.

By Ntsako Mbhokota

As usual, it is a sunny day in Pretoria; we’re making our way into the Gigaba residence in Waterkloof South Africa.

At the door we are greeted by fresh smelling flowers in their warm and beautiful home. Mrs Gigabyte welcomes the Carob crew and ushers us into the living room. Her humility can light up the entire room.
Nomachule Gigaba who is Popularly known as Gigabyte cannot hide her excitement about her Foundation. She is beaming, looking ever so youthful with her impeccable smile.

We are soon joined by the youngest Gigaba family members Nkanyezi and Mvelo who are in Jolly spirits riding around the house in their bicycles, once in a while coming to greet the visitors and checking up on mommy.

The boys let us know that Mr Gigabyte (Malusi Gigaba) had gone to get camping stuff for the family's vacation the following weekend, which they seemed very excited about.

As soon as Mr Gigabyte arrived, the boys were all over him, it’s evident that Malusi Gigaba is very fond of his children and completely adores his wife. We sat down with the Gigabytes to learn more about what the Foundation entails.

 Transforming the South African youth.

Mrs Gigaba has established a foundation that assists young people especially in the rural areas and under developed locations by connecting them to technology and career guidance within the technology field. The foundation has been operating for few years now and was only formalized recently.

"We want to expand and work with industry stakeholders to assist the youth with bursaries, training, creation of job opportunities and bringing technology to rural schools by building computer labs and assisting the youth with training programs. The government is working hard in developing the country and it is our social responsibility to assist and tackle issues like these by filling the gaps in a more sustainable way. The Gigabyte Foundation’s mission is to equip the youth with education and skills that will last them a life time and give them confidence to empower other people.’’ – Mrs Gigaba

Mrs Gigabyte is passionate about people and what makes her foundation even more remarkable is that she has always funded her project from her own pocket.


"My family is everything to me." She says.
This is quite evident even with their busy schedules the Gigabytes make sure to spend as much quality time as a possible as a family, always.

We join the Gigabytes as Malusi Gigaba and Mrs Gigaba challenge their boys Mvelo and Nkanyezi on a saturday afternoon soccer match.


It is not a secret that love is what fuels the power couple. The love for their children, the love for this county, the love they have for each other.

"We have the same vision, we share common interests and we want to grow old together" - Malusi Gigaba.



"Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others.” Author unknown.  This is what true leadership is and the Gigabytes are a true example of it.