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Cef Music transforms Abuja Arts scene

Ntsako Mbhokota sits down with our Carob Man of the month, Abuja born musician and founder of Root n Raw Nigeria  Chukwukadibia Echefu Fortune. Find out why he's our Carob Man of the month.

If you're looking for first-hand proof of the universal power of music, listen to Cef play live. Who has not felt the stirring and mysterious power of his music touch the soul and uplift the spirit?

There's no denying the unique connection between man’s spiritual life and the power of music. Cef brings this experience to life with his music.

 Who's Cef?

He's a gifted musician with a fresh new West African sound that is sure to leave you inspired. Not easily classified into either jazz or Afro pop, Cef ' s music is also inspired by something greater.

"I get the music, Sometimes I get a song in 10 minutes, sometimes it takes me three years to get a song. It is simply a gift and all you have to do is receive and share..."  -Cef.

Upbringing. ...

I was born in a close knit community In Abuja. I grew up in a communal neighborhood with my family, both my parents, my brothers and sisters. 
Even though I had my own siblings at home, I knew I also had brothers to look out for me on the street. I had a beautiful upbringing...

The calling
Cef was well on his way to become a lawyer when he decided to follow his heart and embrace his musical gift.

 "It was more like setting out on an unknown journey but with the trust and belief that I will arrive at my destination. Same way as the shepherd in the Alchemist goes on a journey to find his treasure because of a dream he had."

Lagos Art Ensemble

I moved to Lagos to advance my career in music, while I was there I had the pleasure to work closely with Tunde Jegede ( A world renowned Kora virtuoso), Etuk Ubong, Jah man Anikulapo and many more. I was involved in a lot of artistic activities and the environment was enabling for me as an artist to flourish.

When I moved back to Abuja I realized that there was a need to create artistic platforms for the people of Abuja to express themselves. We should not wait on anyone to do it for us, it's up to us to develop our own spaces and that is how Root n Raw was born.

Root n Raw has created a space where Abuja artists can express and share their talent with the rest of the Nigeria.

Tamerri Festival ...

Tamerri Festival is a two day festival that celebrates African culture through music, Fashion and fun activities such as village markets, human libraries, discussions, games, masquerades etc.

The annual festival attracts thousands of people from Abuja and surrounding areas, it is endorsed by Professor  Wole Soyinka,  Nneka and Nike Okundayi.

See Youtube below.

The Festival continues to grow.  For more information on the festival go to

Cef's dream for Africa...

"My dream for Africa is for African  people to recover from the cultural recession. The suffering in Africa is happening because we have forgotten who we are." -Cef

Cef will launch his album in South Africa in the next few months.The album titled 'David Stones' features some of the most beautifully composed music laced with an authentic message
for Africa.