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Making Music for life - DJ Ganyani

Ntsako Mbhokota sits down with king of the decks, legendary house DJ, consistent hit maker and business man Dj Ganyani. We talk to him about his music journey, house grooves 09 and current projects.

Ntsako Mbhokota.

Ever since I discovered DJ Ganyani's  House Grooves 09, I can't play anything else, In the morning, in the afternoon, and before I go to bed, I can't help but listen to House Grooves 09.

The album is an interesting mixture of different sounds and talented new vocalists with DJ Ganyani's distinct African drum beat that keeps people hypnotized and dancing like there's no tomorrow. 

If  DJ Ganyani's House Grooves 09 can get a bean pole like myself breaking it down on the floor, it will definitely move you too... 

Family Background

DJ Ganyani was born and bred in Soweto Meadowlands. "I've spent my whole life in Johannesburg,  although I did spend some time in the village (ka Xingwezi) during my final high school years" He tells Carob.


"I finished my matric in 1999 and registered to study with UNISA. Soon after I started with the University of South Africa, unfortunately my mother passed away. That's when I started hustling, I had to come up with something because now I had my younger brother to look after, my father had passed away years prior to my mom, so I started off selling cassettes at taxi ranks, in taverns as well as Sheebeens. "Explained Ganyani.

Even though DJ Ganyani was a big lover of music ever since he was a child, he had never imagined that he would become a professional DJ.
"Finding myself in the music industry was a calling, I always pictured myself in a formal sector working at an office somewhere” he laughs...


"My first gig was in Meadowlands, one of my neighbors had a stokvel and asked me to play. It was a three day event; he paid me R30 per day, all in all I was paid R90 for the event which was a big achievement because it helped me understand that people appreciate what I do.

 After that I started getting gigs not only from the people who attended the event but from other clients who liked the way that I played." -Ganyani.

Dj Ganyani has been in the Industry for over 20 years and has produced quite a number of hit songs such as 'Be there', 'Xigubu' 'Talk to me'. He has worked with both big name artists and new comers in the industry and his work has earned him reputation as one of the best in the Industry.


"Ntsako, talent is talent. Whether people know you or not, if you're good at what you do, you’re good. Of course it's easier to work with well-known artists in terms of publicity but I prefer to give new artists a chance" -Ganyani.

"Like Xigubu, the vocalist we used there was a young newcomer FB, on the day of the recording me and my friends decided to leave her in studio to go watch a soccer match, when we came back FB had worked her magic on the track, the song was so big it was listened to and played all over Africa and this was a collaboration with a new a new artist!  My next project is to collaborate with a Nigerian artist. Would really love to work with someone from that part of Africa." Says Ganyani.

House Grooves 09

DJ Ganyani has collaborated with many different artists on this album and I guess it's what makes it so interesting and versatile to listen to.

"The song 'Heaven' was written by a 21 year old musician by the name of Kimosabe, I've also worked with Layla, Hloni and many talented new vocalists." -Ganyani.

In the same album Ganyani has also featured Industry greats like Benny Mayenganem and Prince Rhangane.

I also take the opportunity to let him know that I am still a big fan of 'Be there' even though it was on House grooves 08. " I am happy that the song is still dearly loved, it's a classic, it's great to know that even when I'm gone I will leave something that will take care of my children and their children". -Ganyani

If you have had the chance to listen to House Grooves 09, you most likely enjoy every single track in the album, 'Ntoni', 'Cinela Ganyani',  'Le ngoma',  'Heaven', and 'Talk to me' which was nominated for metro FM song of year award. I ask  Ganyani how he is able to consecutively produce 13  hit tracks in one album.

"I pay very careful attention to detail when I make my music, If I don't like a track in my album, I cannot expect other people to like it, I always make  sure that my fans enjoy my music because I care about them, It only makes sense that I deliver the best and quality music all the time. I respect my craft." -DJ Ganyani.


On following one's dreams... 


"If you love what you do and have the discipline to pursue it and see it through, success is yours."-DJ Ganyani.