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@home with the Gigabytes

Miss Lira live @ Carnival city with Carob Magazine

Introducing St Biagus with Carob Magazine

Breakfast with Miss Lira

At home with the Gigabytes, Carob Magazine July cover shoot

Carob magazine cover shoot with Masasa Mbangeni

Black Coffee "A night to remember"

Carob Magazine cover shoot with Nolo Phiri

Behind the Scenes, Carob's next cover girl search 2014

Prince Eno Bassey behind the lens. Test shots.

Phumza Tiya taking a break  during the shoot.

Sthandy Ntini during the shoot

End product. Carob's next cover girl search 2014)

Behind the scenes Carob magazine September cover shoot

Ntsako Mbhokota (Editor) and Nolo Phiri                                                        

Nolo Phiri and Marry (Make up artist)

Enno Bassey (Photographer) directing Nolo Phiri

Nolo Phiri striking a pose

Tiisetso Morake (Lighting assistant)









Ntsako and Nolo having a chat before make up.

Carob's July covershoot in Botswana  


Model: Thabang Mmolotsi   

Photographer: Thatonyaone Monekwe 

Designer: Kaone Moremoeng 

Make up: Thor Dunnet

Assistant Director: Tlamo Mosinyi






Celebrating the royal kente cloth

Celebrating the Royal Kente cloth -All the way from Ghana BY R. K Debrah Kente is the most popular and celebrated cloth in Ghana and l dare say the whole of Africa. The strip-woven cloth called Kente, made...   More


There's nothing happy about womens month

There’s nothing HAPPY about Women’s Month!!! By Nokwanda Mathenjwa The unconcealed version. >SA women earn on average 35%less than men >It could take 50 years or more to reach gender parity >Men’s...   More


Exploring African traditions with Mandela Echefu

Exploring African traditions By Mandela Echefu As a child, my fondest memories of my grandparents involve slot of rural living, good cooking and indigenous languages that you don't hear anymore. I remember...   More


Repairing the dignity of Africans, one girl child at a time.

Repairing the dignity of Africans. One girl child at a time. We catch up with an extraordinary citizen, a dreamer, a leader and a builder. Our Carob man of the month, Sello Hatang, the CEO of the Nelson...   More


Shine your light

Shine your light! Layla. We talk to foreign tongue hit maker, one of Universal music's latest talents, the one and only gorgeous Layla. She shares with Carob about her journey in the music industry. By...   More


At home with Mrs Gigabyte

The power of change lies in our hands On this month's edition of Carob, we're honored to profile Nomachule Gigaba, It executive, mother & wife. She gives us an exclusive into her life and shares with Carob...   More


Jazz things up with Zodwa Mabena

Jazz things up with Zodwa Mabena Carob Magazine catches up with leading bass guitarist, singer and songwriter of popular South African female jazz band ‘Ladies in Jazz’ We talk to her about her upbringing,...   More


Discovering God, one crank at a time

Discovering self in God one crank at a time Mandela Echefu is a Nigerian born writer and medical practitioner based in the USA Maryland. He is passionate about biking, the outdoors and nature. Join him on...   More


Editor's letter

Editor's letter Meet your dreams halfway Dear Carob reader On this month's edition of Carob magazine I want to talk to you about dreams. Your dreams. A dream is a vision...   More


Mzansi's music ensemble, a tribute to victor Ntoni

Mzansi's music ensemble, a tribute to victor Ntoni It was a cold winter night in Johannesburg when we all braved the cold front to witness one of the most memorable and epic shows of the year at the Market...   More


The black and the beautiful series 3

"Ah, you could make a brother sing, You ordinary thing, a supernatural being, I know you are just brighter than the moon... Brighter than the star, I love you just the way you are..." Columns: 1 Just as...   More


Talent alone doesn't cut it in the Music industry- Sipho Mbele

Carob: Who is Sipho Mbele in a few words? Sipho Mbele: Sipho Mbele is a God fearing man...Father and husband who is passionate about education, music and broadcasting. (Laughing out loud) believe it or not,...   More


African women who lead

As much as we can't deny that gender and race is still a factor in business, especially international business, we cannot ignore the surging number of African women entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries ...   More


Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams, its the best thing you can do for yourself -Tribute Birdie Mboweni Carob magazine catches up with talented singer and currently the most happening newcomer in the South African Music...   More


Lagos Black Heritage Festival 2015

Lagos Black Heritage Festival 2015 Carob checks out the colorful Lagos Black Heritage Festival that just took place in Nigeria. We talk to founder of Asiri Magazine Ogundele Damola Carob:Tell us more about...   More


editor's letter

Editor's letter Dear Carob reader, on this edition of Carob magazine I want to first honor the South African youth of 1976 who's spirit was so fierce it prompted major changes not just in SA but in many...   More


Sisa Dube shaking things up with her music.

Fundisile Sibaya catches up with the beautiful and talented new songstress in the South African music industry. CAROB : Who is Sisa Dube and what completes her? Sisa Dube: She’s a child of God, a loving mom...   More


A genius at work!

A genius at work Carob Magazine attends the the 2nd series of Word and Sound poetry sessions season 5 in Newtown. Ntsako Mbhokota later chats to grand slam winner, the absolutely talented Xabiso...   More


Renzioni runs things in Uganda

Renzioni runs things in Uganda In case you were wondering who runs things in the fashion scene in Uganda, now you know...Carob interviews the force behind the Renzioni brand fashion designer extraordinaire...   More


Delivering quality cakes in the baking industry.

Ntsako Mbhokota chats to co-founder of Cookie-cupcake & Crunch, Zanele Mapisa about her growing business and how they manage to deliver first class service to their clients. CAROB: Who is Zanele Mapisa?...   More


From African't to African

From African't to AfriCAN! No excuses. By Ntsako Mbhokota On the 20th of August, the who's who in the business world flocked into the Rooftop venue at the Reef hotel in Johannesburg to attend the book launch...   More


On top of her game!

On top of her game! Aamito Stacie Lagum is an emerging international face of Africa in the fashion and beauty industry. We all sat glued to our screens during Africa's next top model season 1 to see would be...   More


Editors letter 'New years edition'

Editor's letter. Dear Carob reader, A wise woman once told me that for you to get to where you want to go, first you must have faith that you'll get there. The complete trust and confidence that you'll get...   More


Summer shopping tips

Shopping secrets 101 Columns: 1 Fashion is what you buy but style is how you wear it. Now we can all agree that Fashion is easily accessible but style ... It's either you have it or not. But fear not, this...   More


Built in buttocks

Built in buttocks! As we venture into the New Year, we all have different goals set up for this great year. For some people the goal is to enhance the way they look even if it means spending thousands of...   More


Natural ways to care for your skin

Natural remedies for skin care. Natural remedies for skin care will leave you clear, soft, and hydrated! You're in control of what goes on your skin, and you can customize a program designed for your skin...   More


Africa's finest musicians of our time

Africa's finest musicians of our time. On this edition,Carob magazine pays tribute to some of the Africa's brightests stars in the music industry. Check out their biographies below. Like Angelique...   More


Conquering new heights

Conquering new heights. In an Exclusive interview, Carob Magazine catches up with South African songstress and 10 time SAMA award winner Lira, we talk to her about her international career and recent...   More


Business In Africa. Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa

Business In Africa. Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa Fundisile Sibaya looks at the rate of business in three major African countries. Africa is a very rich continent although most natives still live under...   More


Ebola fact or fiction?

Ebola fact or fiction? In the following we shall explore the issues around the Ebola virus. We will answer the who, when and why? We shall present some theories which one hopes at the end Africans will be...   More


Coffee in Soweto

Coffee in Soweto Carob Magazine catches up with Dj Black Coffee in Soweto. Ntsako Mbhokota interviews the legendary DJ. Find out why he's our Carob Man of the month. Photos by Sanele Mdluli Sunday evening...   More


Femme Fatele- life, work & love

Femme Fatele- life, work & love She has one of the most powerful characters on Tv, she is young, beautiful and living her life to the full. Carob Magazine catches up with your favourite soap actress, Masasa...   More


Oz Makhosi -New kid in the block

His music is fresh, unique and will definitely get you dancing, Carob magazine brings you Oz Makhosi on a silver platter. Music and background Oz Makhosi is a Vaal Triangle based Dubstep and electro house...   More


South Africa & its Heritage

By Fundisile Sibaja Investing in the pride of your culture brings confidence and joy in every individual, especially people with a rich culture like Africans. As we all know that September is Heritage...   More


Winning attitude

After eight weeks of searching for Carob's next cover girl, we finally find her. She is gutsy, ambitious, she's a fighter and she's a winner... Did I mention just how drop dead gorgeous she is? All the...   More



Who will be Carob magazine's next cover girl? Read brief profiles and find voting poll below. Shibombi Baloyi "This is Shibombi Baloyi I'm an actress, model, business woman, poet, script writer and a...   More


Around Africa in a few words

By Fundisile Sibaja. Irrespective of all the mischief that was lead to drag our ethical reputation, creativity and intellect down, AFRICA carries so much value and riches that should be honoured and...   More


From African't to AfriCAN! No excuses.

On the 20th of August, the who's who in the business world flocked into the Rooftop venue at the Reef hotel in Johannesburg to attend the book launch of local business man KK Diaz, the book titled, 'The...   More


Redefining sexy -Nolo Phiri

Carob magazine catches up with your favourite soap star, the gorgeous Nolo Phiri, we chat to her about life, career and motherhood. By Ntsako Mbhokota As I walk out of the studio to meet Nolo, she is...   More


Movi M, the rise to stardom

His debut single featuring Zubs, is dominating the South African airwaves and rocking many CD palyers at the moment, Carob Magazine sits down for a chat with SA's up and coming favourite African jazz artist,...   More


The Black & the beautiful

Carob Magazine explores the emotions and feelings that lead black women away from embracing their identity with pride, we also dispel the lie that black is inferior. We're black and totally beautiful. By...   More


Leadership in business

How do you spot a leader? It is not that difficult, look no further, a leader is always on the frontline. She/he is brave, daring and courageous. A leader is someone who sets out to do what many of us would...   More


Carob Style guide 101

Spring style guide 101 This Spring, we will be seeing a lot of bad fashion on the streets, but you don't have to be a victim, Carob magazine has compiled a style manual for you to survive this spring and keep...   More


Dreams are eternal -Nandi Mngoma

Dreams are eternal - Nandi Mngoma For the women's month edition, we bring you an inspired edition with the beautiful, talented Nandi Mngoma, she talks to Carob about her upbringing, Music and TV career, most...   More


The ancient Egyptians were like you and me

The ancient Egyptians were like me and you. By Ntsako Mbhokota The images you are seeing here are the relics and drawings of black people found in Egypt (Africa) but most are now locked away in many...   More


10 things to avoid doing in business

10 things to avoid doing in business Being successful in business is a delicate juggling act of doing the right thing while simultaneously avoiding costly mistakes.Unfortunately, many small business...   More


The Boateng brothers

Ladies, you need to finally own up and tell your men the real reason why you love to watch soccer, especially this FIFA tournament taking place in Brazil now, it's not because you like to keep them company ......   More


Are you savvy with your money?

‘The Money Lender’ Somewhere in South Africa there are young men and women who are blacklisted. Sky Radebe and Lerato Phiri put their heads together in the quest of trying to figure out what could be the...   More


Kemetic yoga in the heart of the city

Freddie Gomez interviews Ursula Van Graan, a Joburg based yoga instructor to learn more about Kemetic yoga, its origions and how it can benefit us. Carob: What is Kemetic Yoga? Ursula: Kemetic yoga was...   More


Africa's leading women in business

Africa's leading women in business What does it take to make it to the top? Carob looks at the profiles of 5 top business women in Africa. Passion, leadership, determination is what seems to have got them all...   More

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