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Blaq Diamond 150 continues to shine bright

Carob Magazine spends a day with Blaq Diamond 150, a growing South African radio and TV sensation. We find out what this duo is all about.

They pull up in a BMW X5, swag is on fleek. Blaq Diamond 150 is a band formed by best friends Ndu' and Danya six years ago and have since grown up to be brothers.

 "We've been through a lot together not to have been able to form the brotherhood bond" Says Ndu'.

All the way from Ladysmith Kwa-Zulu Natal Blaq Diamond 150 assures Carob Magazine that they are here to make their a mark. 
Ndu and Danya got introduced to each other in high school through Hip Hop battles and have been inseparable since then.

"When we left Ladysmith to come to Jo’burg we only had R300 in our pockets and a dream in our hearts. We asked for a lift from a friend who was coming to Jhb. We didn't know anyone here we just wanted to get to Johannesburg and make something out of ourselves. Then you could guess what happened next. The money quickly finished, we were homeless... We used to sleep at Police stations, take baths in public toilets at malls. It was not easy at all but because we knew what we wanted, we kept on chasing our dream. “Said Danya.

"There were days when we used to eat Morvite (Instant porridge) every day for months but we somehow got through it because when you come from a less privileged background, you’re quick to notice opportunities. We’re currently signed with Volcano Records under Ark house Productions recording our album."-Ndu.

The recording company is owned by partners Caroline and Obi philips.

Volcano Records is a 360 artist management company that not only records artists but also offers events management and Public relations.

Blaq Diamond 150 has worked with renowned House DJ, DJ Maphorisa, MonoT from Kalawa Jamzee, “Durban’s finest” Skinny Ryddim and Boom boom base.

They attribute their success to their unique and versatile sound that makes them a favorite to collaborate with. They can move from Hip hop to Mbaqanga to R&B and to any genre. 

Their single which was released earlier this year titled "Hamba nami" is playing on Yfm and Ukhozi fm. The video for the same song is currently number 10 on Yotv. 
They are excited about their upcoming single “Thekwini”.


“What kept us going even when things were tough was knowing that God has a bigger purpose for us. We stayed positive, remained disciplined and worked hard…” Said Ndu’.


Blaq Diamond 150 has a big fan base in Ladysmith and they have since stolen the hearts of new fans in Johannesburg.

"Our fans have been very supportive, we do this for them, we’re doing this for Ladysmith and everyone who believes in us" added Danya.


"Invest time in your dream, focus, grow your dream every day, you’ll never go wrong doing what you love, find people who care about you and give you your creative freedom, work with them. It's a win win case for us because we are signed with the best in the Industry. Caroline Phillips is a visionary woman and it's an absolute pleasure to be signed under Volcano Records.”- Ndu.