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Traveling Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa

Nothing says ‘pack your bags and hit the road’ like these three beautiful warm and colorful countries; Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

On this article Carob looks at the lifestyle,  fashion and culture of these three beautiful African countries so that you know what to expect when you travel.

By Phumeza Macingwane


A beautiful West African country with a population of more than 27million people. Ghanaians speak over 70 languages!

Never tell anyone that you have been to Ghana if you did not experience the canopy walk, you won't be taken seriously...You might want to go early in the morning to avoid the crowd and screams of school children. There is also a lot of castles and parks to visit

Ghanaians are big on stews, soup and frying. Dishes differ according to regions, but plantains, cassava and yams are staple foods for most regions. Red bean stew often served with fried plantains is a prominent cuisine in Ghana. You will be served a delicious coconut or pineapple juice to down your meal.

Beautiful Ghana has not escaped the bug of European influence; as a result people there wear suits, denims and all other ‘modern clothes’. However traditional wear is still significant especially for women. Traditional wear is mostly in bright colors and others will use colors of the country’s flag; now that’s what I call patriotism! Be sure to get yourself a fashionable kente (Ghanaian traditional material) outfit sewn by the country’s seamstress. Come on now, you need to look the part...


Though stereotypes are nothing to write home about, this nation is indeed well educated. It is ranked among the top 10 most educated countries in Africa. Of course it would not be an African country if it did not have regular cultural celebrations and this is where people come out with various traditional gowns– for you this is where you thank me for that idea of a kente outfit… 

We don't call them ‘Giants of Africa’ for nothing. Not  only is Nigeria the biggest African continent, it has the biggest population in the continent! But then again, Nigerians go big on EVERYTHING! Everything. ..

With more than 184 million people Nigerian cities like Lagos are always buzzing 24/7


Nigerians are big on entrepreneurship. The Nigerian Film industry also known as Nollywood is in the top three of the world’s biggest film industries. There is this wide spread culture of being ‘my own boss’ among them and their determination is not affected by the poor infrastructure of the country. Another ‘big’ is in languages; the country has a whooping 521 languages!

Yoruba and Igbo are the most popular languages, but you’re more likely to be taken by the Nigerian Pidgin.

Nigerian cuisine is colorful, creative and rich in nutrients. Their dishes have similarities to those of Ghana especially staples, they are after all Western countries. Nigerian food varies from region to region as well as class; however there are some dishes which are common and popular, like  Egusi is one of the favorites. Egusi soup is basically a melon seed stew with added leafy greens (pumpkin leaf, bitter leaf or spinach), meat or seafood, others add eggs too and it’s mostly served with yam or rice. Zobo, a drink made from unique plants of Western Africa will leave you feeling refreshed.

Nigerians take pride in their African attires, be it ankara, buba or shokoto. They wear them with elegance and have popularized them internationally. Women look ravishing with their sophisticated head gears which are a trade mark and men look good in their well-tailored outfits. However these attires are not so popular among the youth as it tends to opt for European wear – Lost generation? Huh-huh, better blame globalization, colonization or something.


Popularly known as the  rainbow nation. South Africa has 9 provinces and 11official languages, with English as a standard language. It’s Capital is Pretoria and has three major cities which Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. This country is known for minerals like gold and diamond. It is also within the top 10 most educated countries.


Traditional food differs from tribe to tribe However pap(made from maize), tini(sorghum), dumplings, Umngqusho(beans and samp) are some of South Africa’s common dishes among African people. There are popular cuisines such as mogodu/tripe which can be served with pap or dumplings, masonja (mopane worms), Amasi(pap with sour milk) and mukusule(dried veggies). One thing you should know that South Africans love is braais (barbecue) and their variety of meat includes meat from wild animals like, Kudu, Crocodile etc.

There is diversity in South African fashion as it is home to many nationalities, there is also a growing trend of modernizing traditional wear which is worn on a normal day.
South Africa is really big on style. South Africa influences the rest of the world.

Spirituality is valued by most South African and there is a fair tolerance of one another religion or culture.

Entertainment includes theaters, game parks, the beach, hiking, casinos and more. I hope you’re now ready to explore some of our beautiful continent’s countries. Enjoy! Oh and don’t forget to keep a coin or note of a cedi, naira or rand as a memento -what would you be without me?